Thursday, April 30, 2009

Las Vegas, Baby!! part 2

On Monday morning we took a shuttle down to Mandalay Bay where we went to the Shark Reef. That was pretty cool. After we were done there we wandered around the New York hotel and then had lunch at Gonzalez Gonzalez. I had the most delicious peach margarita (non-alcoholic of course.) After lunch we hit up M&M World. Then we just headed back in the direction of our hotel. We went inside a lot of the hotels on the way back and it took us most of the day to finally make it to the other end of the Strip where we were staying.

Tuesday morning we headed to the outlet mall and spent the morning mostly browsing. Funny thing though, both of us were moving around like little 90 year olds. Holy Crap, was I sore! Pathetic, I know. Once we were done shopping we went to the Macaroni Grill for a late lunch. It was nice because it was off of the Strip, so it was a little quieter. Here's a funny story for ya. My feet were KILLING me and at the mall there were several little kiosk type massage places and I really wanted a foot massage, but I just decided to get one once we got back to the hotel. I pulled out the yellow pages directory and flipped it open to the massage section. As I was looking, I noticed that most of the adds mentioned that they would come to your hotel 24/7. Well, I sure didn't think anything of it and told Keith to call one up and find out what the fee was etc, etc. So he calls up Brenda, Barb, and Brie and it wasn't until he was half way through the phone call that I realized I had just made my husband call HOOKERS!!! Well, she (Brenda, Barb, or Brie I'm not sure) really wanted Keith to schedule an appointment for later that night. Only $100 per hour and not even licensed massage therapists. Oops! I shall use better judgement next time.

Our original plan was to head home on Thursday, but I was missing the kiddos and we had done pretty much all we had wanted to (although I never got my massage) so we came home Wednesday instead. We stopped in Utah and ate lunch at the Maddox. Yum!

A huge thanks to Mom and Dad Hughes, and Mom and Dad Clayton for keeping the kids and dogs for us. We couldn't have done it without you. Love you all lots!!


Tricia said...

I love the M&M factory, and Maddox too! I think you guys need to see the Bishop. I can see starting your vacation on Sunday, but calling hookers is way out of line :)! I think that is SO funny! Me and Mark have talked about taking a quick trip there too. After reading about yours, I really want to go.

Brandi said...

How fun! I love Vegas. Although I do try to avoid the dirty girls! That is hilarious, what did Keith do? LOL thanks for the good laugh. Glad you got away for a while!