Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Pictures

My cute kiddos. They are my world.

A cold and windy day at the lake!
Gearin' up for boating season!

My pretty princess. LOVES the camera and insists on having her picture taken.

Keith's creation. Wakeboard rack/life jacket dryer off-er. Also featuring the new beauty (wakeboard) that the Easter bunny brought me.

Danny, Crystal, and cutie patootie Jace. Good-bye and good luck! We love and miss you.

My Mother's Day card made by Keith and the kids. I always get cute handmade cards like this. I love it!!

Blowing bubbles with Grandpa Clayton.

Emersyn wanted to look like a kitty cat so she drew some whiskers on her face. Not washable.


Tricia said...

Your family is so fun and cute!

Danny & Crystal said...

What fun pictures! Keith's creation was pretty cool and I love the Mother's Day card they made for you! We hope you have a fun summer & we miss you all!