Thursday, August 7, 2008

Boating (if you can call it that)

Keith brought the boat home Saturday. That is when the bad luck started. Half-way home one of the tires on the trailer blew. Luckily my father-in-law (and his never-ending patience) went with Keith to Provo to pick the dumb thing up. Long story short it took them a VERY long time to get the tire off, drive back the way they had just come, get the tire fixed (or whatever it is you do with broken tires), drive back to where the boat was left all by it's lonesome on the side of the road, put the tire back on, and drive home. After all this trouble, Keith was still as excited as can be to take the boat out. He spent most of Monday and Tuesday morning cleaning the boat, rewiring trailer lights, cleaning the boat, putting bindings on his new wakeboard, and cleaning the boat some more. Tuesday afternoon rolls around and we meet our poor unfortunate hopefuls at the lake. My sister even took work off to come and Keith's sister and her family drove all the way from Rexburg to come. Oh, one more important point. My mother came and she is DEATHLY afraid of water. It's funny to watch her. We load everyone into the boat and drive over to the bird-pooh covered ( and I do mean covered) dock. Keith opened the back to pull out life jackets and realizes that our boat is taking on water. Awesome. He called the guy we bought the boat from and he so kindly informed us that there is a plug and that the plug was in the glove compartment. Who the crap keeps the plug there? By now we were having to tell my mom to take deep breaths and go to her happy place. Shellie decided that she would go back and help Keith get the boat pulled out and drained. For the sake of my mom's sanity I suggested that her and I and the kids stay on the pooh dock. After about 30 minutes some nice teenagers came over to where we were and asked if we were stranded. We told them it might be a possibility and they said they would check back in a little bit. Well, after 15 more minutes we flagged them down and they took us (and our very large tube) back over to the other side. Just as we were getting there Keith and Shellie finished up with the draining of the water from the boat. Of course!! And to my extreme horror, when we took our very large tube from their boat, what did I see? BIRD POOH!! All over the boat from the bottom of the tube. We once again loaded into our boat and headed back to our dock. Couldn't get enough. All was well for a few minutes. Shellie was able to wakeboard, but that was about it. We couldn't get the boat to level out. Shellie - all 110 pounds of her- tried to sit at the front of the boat to weigh it down. Funny picture. So we stopped and ate dinner and then tried again. Same problem. Poor Keith. He finally got frustrated enough and we decided to call it a day. I realize that this is a long story and for that I apologize, but looking back now, the whole thing is rather amusing. Don't tell Keith I said that.

Anyone wanna go boating?!?

PS Isn't Shellie cute? She's single!


Nicole said...

Oh, that stinks! But hey, it's probably fixable right! Cute pics!

Danny & Crystal said...

Thanks for taking us boating--we had fun, even with all of the funny events! That was a pretty scary picture of my extremely white legs though!