Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 16-22, 2011

We had a pretty low key week. Jaxson was sick all week so on Thursday I took him to the doctor. He tested positive for Influenza Type B. Poor guy. That is why I don't have many pictures of him this week; he hung out in bed with a book for the majority of the week. I am happy to report that he is feeling much better now and will be back to school tomorrow!

Monday was Civil Rights Day so there was no school. We had a pajama day (I think I love this more than the kids do!), made snowman cupcakes, played games, watched movies, and had waffles for dinner.

This is a special cupcake that Emersyn made for Keith.

I was unable to make it to the grocery store at the beginning of the week like I typically do, so by Wednesday I was out of everything. We made an Arby's run and had a picnic on the living room floor. The kids love when we eat on the floor. I guess the food tastes better that way.

Mom and Dad Hughes got this bouncy chair for baby Preslee. Luckily, Jaxson helped me assemble it. He knows a bit more about screwdrivers and their shapes than I do and, apparently, is also better at reading and following instructions than I. Thanks Mom and Dad Hughes! Preslee will love it!

Emersyn has a severe cross bite and had to get a palatal expanding retainer. She will have to wear it for about 3-5 months. It took some getting used to, but she is doing really great with it. I have been really impressed with how responsible and careful she has been with it. Her speech is still a bit off, but the orthodontist said it would take about a week for it to return to normal. She is such a good sport.

Friday was our at home date night and Keith was in charge this week. He spends a lot of thought and I really appreciate it. We have had tons of fun with our dates so far this year. This week, he made a queso dip and got Mexican sodas that we snacked on while we tried to watch Season 7 of The Office. It took us over an hour to watch a 22 minute episode!


Part of our date was to create body paint tattoos on each other. This is what Keith came up with:

Grotesque, I know, but I couldn't not include it. I thought it was sweet. It says "My Two Sunshines."

I have always had mad artistic skills (which is obvious here) and this is what I did for Keith. The red devil looking blob is actually supposed to be a cinnamon bear. Told you I had mad skills.

Here is Emersyn in one of her many princess dresses. She wears them almost all of the time. Ever since she ate lunch with the Disney Princesses she believes that she is truly royalty. I hope she never stops believing that.

Everybody knows that princesses have to host tea parties on a regular basis, and Princess Emersyn is no different. Today she served me tea (milk with pink sugar crystals) and crumpets (Cheez-Its).

Emersyn didn't like the milk with sugar, so I had to drink the milk then she would eat the sugar out of the bottom of the cup with a spoon.

Pinkies up!

Saturday evening we headed over to Mom and Dad Hughes' house for a visit. The kids always want to see Aunt Cole's pet.

Grandma and Emersyn played hunt for the alien for a really long time! Grandma was a great sport!

Grandpa and Jaxson love to play games together! Tonight they played Sorry!

We have been blessed with so much, but this week I am especially grateful for our good health and for family members that live close by. I had lots of extra help this week from the moms and I love them both!


bobandhaley said...

You just made me REALLY crave Arbys. I love the body art and the princess pinkies. So fun!

Danny & Crystal said...

I LOVE looking at your posts! I'm very impressed with both of your artistic skills--and I totally knew that was a cinnamon bear before I read your caption! I'm glad Jaxson is feeling better & it was fun to see Emersyn's tea parties!

Tricia said...

Your little family is so stinkin' cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the body art! I would love to do that with Mark, but he would be totally inappropriate :)! I can't believe you didn't paint my suggestion though :(! I'm glad Jaxson is feeling better. I think he's had his share of the sicks to last him a few years now.

Nicole said...

You two are so inspiring with your date nights. I am sure zac scribbles look better than any art i try to create- yours looks good! I don't think I would like sugar in my milk either Emersyn. At least Jaxson got some good reading in ; )