Tuesday, July 29, 2008


On Sunday evening Keith decided that we needed to head to Provo to look at a boat. We made arrangements with my parents to watch the dogs and on Monday morning we were on our way. Provo Lake was beautiful!! I would love to have spent more time there, but the kids were tired. Keith fell in love with the boat, and yes, we have put an offer on it. Once we left the lake we went to a place called the Pizza Factory for dinner. The breadsticks came on long sticks and they were yummy! It was a fun place to eat. The kids and Keith spent the rest of the evening swimming in the hotel pool. This morning we went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. WOW!!! I was very impressed. They also had a lot of hands on exhibits. The kids really loved digging for dinosaur bones. After the museum we went over to the Farm Country area. It was fun to see the different farm animals and go for pony rides.

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Janet said...

Wow- what a fun get-a-way! Love the pics of the kids-they sure have grown! I love reading your posts and I just feel like we are still in touch. Thanks for your frindship. I wish we would have gotten to know each other better when I lived there. But this will have to do!